Graphic Kites


Start a joyful practice.

Fly a natural kite.

Organic cotton sail, Canadian maple spars, and strong hemp string. Finally a kite we can feel good about flying.

Nothing else like it.

Organic Cotton Sail

Strong, cotton sails lifted kites in the past. We're bringing them back.

Rock Maple Spars

Rugged Canadian hardwood spars create a robust frame for Little Cloud kites.

Hemp Kite String

Send your kite flying flying with rugged hemp kite string, wound on our single-piece, indestructible hardwood spool.

Free Lifetime Repairs

We will fix your kite. For free. Forever.

All Kites Flight-Tested

We take every kite out to flight-test, in order to balance wings and assure a great flying kite.

Made in Canada

We design, sew, and assemble all of our kites in Canada.