How to Fly Your Little Cloud Kite

How to Fly Your Little Cloud Kite


The Journey

Wind Aware

Look to tree leaves.
Listen to wind-chimes.
Choose a light, breezy day for flying.

Where to Fly

Find a lovely, open space, free of trees and electrical lines. Ideally you can walk or bike there. Beaches or park fields can be ideal.

Assembling Your Kite

Unfurl your sail.
Place your kite, image down, on the earth. You will find a wooden spar hanging loosely, knotted at one end. Take this spar, called the spreader, and swing it up to meet the red cord on the other wing. Double-knot the spreader to the wing.
How to Attache the Kite Spreader Spar
Note: I leave one end of my spreader knotted permanently to a wing. When folding my kite, I un-tie one side & swing the free end of the spreader down, parallel to the wing. Then I roll my kite up (see below). This saves knotting and unknotting one side every time.

The Bridle

On the front of your kite is the red bridle and ring. Attach your kite string to the bridle ring.
The bridle controls the angle your kite faces the wind. In strong winds, the ring can be slid up the bridle string. In gentle winds, you can slide the ring down the bridle string.
Kite Bridle
Loosen the string around the ring and adjust the ring’s location by 1/4 to 1/2 inch increments. A black mark on the string shows the original ring location. Get to know this important part of your kite.
Although your kite can fly without the enclosed silk tails, they can add stability and are enchanting to watch.

How To Launch Your Kite

There are two ways to get your kite into the sky. The first is reliable and requires two people:
Have a friend take the kite downwind about 40 feet and hold it up, towards you. When you are ready, ask your friend to toss the kite up while you pull the line. Keep pulling as the kite gains altitude.
The second way to launch your kite is by yourself:
With your back to the wind, hold your kite up by the bridle point and let string out 3-4 feet. Yank the string upward. If there is wind, your kite will go up. Pull in on the line as the kite points up so it will climb. Repeat this until your kite is high enough to find steady wind.


With your kite in the sky, you have reached the middle of the arc of your journey.


Some kite enthusiasts feel that bringing a kite back to earth elegantly is a lovely challenge in itself. Learn to hold the kite reel steady in one hand and wrap the string around it with the other.

Folding Your Kite

Un-knot one side of the spreader and align the wing spar. With your kite image facing away from you, hold the wing tips and slowly roll-up the wings towards the middle of your kite. Slide the kite, nose first, into your kite quiver (bag).
How to fold a little cloud kite
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