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Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

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Little Cloud Kites are 'delta' kites, and are easy to fly. Kites come with flight instructions and are guaranteed for lifetime repairs. Kites are 48 inches wide and 25 inches tall, with a frame of Canadian hardwood spars, and a sail of organic cotton.

Kites do not come with kite string. This must be purchased separately.

Kite Title: Medicine Buddha
Artist: Faith Stone

 Faith Stone
"My background is drawing and painting traditional Tibetan thangkas, Buddhist scroll paintings. I am merging that with the practice of traditional Japanese woodblock prints, mokuhanga. My goal is acknowledge a new art movement, that of American Buddhist Art. I honor the traditions of the past while making the artwork uniquely from a Western perspective. I believe the real joy of carving and painting Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Hindu deities is the idea of creating a space for the Buddha or deity to reside. The attitude is that once the painting is finished – The Buddha or Tara or Ganesha move in."
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