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Observe and Give Love

Observe and Give Love

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Little Cloud Kites are 'delta' kites, and are easy to fly. Kites come with flight instructions and are guaranteed for lifetime repairs. Kites are 48 inches wide and 25 inches tall, with a frame of Canadian hardwood spars, and a sail of organic cotton.

Kites do not come with kite string. This must be purchase separately.

Kite Title: Observe and Give Love
Design No.021
Artist: Mariosupa



This kite is by designer and illustrator, Mariosupa, from the Netherlands. His work can be found here:

Artist Statement: "As an artist, I ask myself what do we have to celebrate as dark skinned people (not to say people from African decent)? Is it the color of our skin and the curls of our hair? Some artists take that route to reproduce major Renaissance masterpieces and replace white figures by black figures as a response to the lack of black figures in museums and art history books.

I came to think that we have to go beyond that, position ourselves more universally and celebrate our Cultures. African Cultures and beliefs have been dismissed as “primitive” and overlooked for centuries even if they were present for millennias before Europeans decided to destroy them for their own benefit.

It’s time we dive in to show how rich and inspiring they are. And this can be applied not only to African Cultures but to all Cultures in the world. Because in an era where it seems to be acceptable that a few individuals tend to claim all the riches, Arts and Culture are the only things that keeps a people alive.

We are One and we have many different Cultures that we have to sustain despite the will of the few individuals to normalize everything and everyone to their taste and for their own profit."

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